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I do service work on both acoustic and electric guitars and bass guitars, and when give advice about maintenance and preservation of the instruments. If there is something wrong with your instrument, contact me, and ask for a quote in fixing it.

Some tips for preserving an acoustic instrument correctly

To prevent problems from occurring in the first place, it is good to pay attention to the correct way of storing the instrument. The delicate wood materials of acoustic instruments are sensitive to humidity changes. Instrument stored in too dry conditions has a risk of splitting of the top or the back, or the neck can twist as the wood reacts to the changes of humidity.

Also milder problems are possible, such as freatboard shrinking so that the frets stick out feel sharp when playing. This indicates that the guitar requires more humid storing. In Finland the risk for humidity related problems is the highest in the winter time during dry winter weather.

The best way to avoid these problems is to use a humidifier inside the guitar or the guitar case, and to store the guitar in its case instead of hanging it on the wall or on a stand near a heat source. Humidity should be monitored, because too humid conditions are equally bad for the instrument. During cold weather the instrument shouldn't be stored for example in the car, and when bringin the instrument inside from the cold outside weather it is a good idea to let the instrument stay in its closed case and warm up slowly. The finish on the quitar cannot withstand sudden changes of temperature. If however the accident has already happened, instrument is still fixable.



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